10 Habits That Cause Rapid Aging


Aging is simply something we are all destined to do but there are some habits that can contribute to rapid aging. Avoiding certain habits and developing other good habits can help to face aging head on.

There are several things that we know that contribute to rapid aging:

Smoking, eating foods that are high in fat, not exercising and getting enough sleep. All of these things can easily cause rapid aging, which occurs on a cellular level.

However there are less commonly known habits that are causing rapid aging in your life, let’s examine 10 of the worst offenders, beginning with smoking…

1. Smoking


Arguably the worst habit for your health, smoking is terrible in terms of rapid aging.

It can contribute to wrinkles and shortens telomere length, which is a biological marker of aging according to WebMD.

Save yourself the damage inside and out, avoid smoking tobacco products.


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