5 Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Nails

Do you have brittle or damaged nails? Achieving strong and healthy nails might not be quite so out of reach. You might even be currently making some easy mistakes that are contributing to the poor health of your nails without even realizing it. If you want healthy nails that grow fast, you need to know all about the do’s and don’ts.

Here are the nail health do’s and don’ts that matter most:

1. Do: Keep Cuticle Oil Within Reach

Cuticle oil is the secret to healthy nails. Cold temperatures and excess exposure to the chemicals in nail polish removers can do a number to the health of your nails, but cuticle oil is what keeps them looking hydrated and healthy. Keeping cuticle hydrated is the best way to avoid painful hangnails.

2. Don’t: Forget the Base Coat

You might think that the color of nail polish that you choose is the biggest difference in the look of your nails, but it is actually the base coat that matters most. You don’t actually see the base coat of polish that you apply, but it is essential to keeping your nails healthy and nourished. Applying nail polish directly without a base coat can leave your nails looking colored and grey tinged.

3. Do: Take Supplements

Supplements are designed to improve your health and this is also true of your nail health. If you want strong and healthy looking nails you need to take supplements that are designed to increase nail thickness and offer amino acids that stimulate nail growth. Supplements make it possible for all women to have healthy nails.

4. Don’t: Cut Your Cuticles

The biggest manicure tip that you can’t afford to forget involves your cuticles. You should never ever cut your cuticles all the way back. This is true of even professional manicures. Cuticles are designed to be barrier that protects against bacteria and infection. This means you do not want your cuticles to be removed altogether.

5. Do: Apply a New Topcoat Every Other Day

Your polish can start looking worn out and less than its best in a short amount of time. If you want healthy nails that really get attention for all the right reasons, you need to be sure to apply a new topcoat about every other day. Top coats can lose their luster pretty quickly, which distracts from the appearance of your nails.


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