5 Tricks to Heal Chapped Lips

Chapped lips can be painful and make otherwise fun activities like eating and kissing pretty unbearable. If you want to get rid of chapped lips for good and finally allow them to heal, you need to change the way that you care for your lips.

Just like your skin, your lips need special attention and the right products. There are a few chapped lip care tricks that you can try to speed up the healing process and work much faster than a tube of Chapstick.

Here are the best ways to heal chapped lips for good:

1. Prevent Chapped Lips

The thing that you need to focus on is prevention. This can keep you from having to get rid of chapped lips in the first place. It is possible to prevent chapped lips by keeping your lips hydrated and nourished. Chapped lips can be caused by exposure to sun or wind, but if you pamper your lips it is possible to avoid the harsh effects of these triggers. Try using a petroleum based ointment for lip repair that will help to lock in the moisture in your lips. You can even pick up this type of lip repair product at the drugstore for less than $5.00.

2. Choose a Product with Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just vital for your skin, but also for your lips. Try finding a lip product that has at least an SPF of 30 or higher. It is easy for lip products to wear off fast, so you need to reapply it often. Keep a few extra tubes of lift protecting products in your purse for easy access.

3. Gentle Lip Products are Best

Just like your skin, your lips are fairly sensitive. This means that you need to search for lip products that are not too harsh. Products that are harsh can actually make chapped lips even worse. Peeling and cracked lips can easily become infected, so you need to use only lip care products that are gentle and exfoliate mildly.

4. Choose Colored Products

Instead of using lipstick or gloss that is only designed to add color, you can use lip care products that are infused with color. This will protect your lips, but still keep you looking stylish and glam.

5. Use a Lip Scrub

Washing your face regularly is the key to keeping acne and blemishes at bay. The same concept is true for your lips. Using a gentle lip scrub often will keep chapped lips from forming. You can even make your very own lip scrub using olive oil, honey and white sugar.


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