10 Health Myths You Probably Believe

1. Never, Ever Eat After Dinner


In order to lose weight (or maintain current weight) we should never eat a late night snack, right?

This commonly held belief makes sense at first glance. If you’re going straight to bed after eating, what happens to all those calories? Aren’t they wasted by being asleep?

According to a 2011 study from the Obesity Journal, people who ate their carbs at dinner and as a late night snack experienced greater weight loss than those who kept carb consumption to the daytime.

Don’t go overboard though… too many calories will result in weight gain, regardless of when you eat them.

2. Low-Fat Foods Help You Lose Weight


This may be the mother of all health lies and one that many people believe.

It doesn’t help that the food industry is constantly churning out low-fat or diet products, either

While the food itself may be lower in fat, manufacturers tend to add extra sugar (which is the real enemy) to make up for the loss in flavor when fat is removed.

In addition people tend to eat roughly 30 percent more food when they know it’s low-fat ahead of time.

This results in more calories consumed, more sugar consumed, and possibly more artificial ingredients ingested.

What happens when we eat too many calories? You guessed it, we gain weight.

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