17 Fattening Foods You Should Never Eat



Sadly, many of the best tasting foods out there also happen to be the absolute WORST for you when it comes to calories and saturated fat content.

Sometimes it’s very hard to figure out what is and isn’t good for you when you’re stuck somewhere, your tummy’s rumbling, and there aren’t any nutrition facts for the foods on a menu or at a restaurant (like the mall, fast food joints on the road, you get the picture).

So… in order to save you some time we’ve compiled a list of 25 foods that you should NEVER eat. Many of them may sound healthy while there are actually way healthier alternatives.

Without any further ado, let’s begin by starting with a delicious smoothie:

1. Smoothie King’s Hulk Strawberry Smoothie


Hey, it’s a smoothie made up of fruit and yogurt… that can’t be bad, or can it?

In a small sized version of the “Hulk”, we are looking at more than twice the calorie content of a Big Mac (that’s 1,044 calories) in addition to 120 whopping grams of sugar and 35 grams of fat.

Instead, opt for the Low-Carb Strawberry smoothie, coming in at only 268 calories.

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