17 Weight Loss Hacks Without Dieting or Exercise

January 10, 2016


1. Try using smaller plates for weight loss.



This may seem odd, but eating off of a smaller dish tricks your brain into thinking that your food portion is actually larger than what it is.

A study conducted by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that by switching out 12 inch plates for 10 inch ones, subjects consumed 22 percent less food per meal.

In addition to changing up plate sizes, there’s one more way to cut the calories by swapping out your dishes. Let’s check it out on the next page…

2. Switch to blue plates.


This may seem even weirder, but studies have shown that blue plates can actually lead to reduced food consumption.

How? A blue plate contrasts sharply against food, causing portions to appear bigger (just like smaller plates).

However, if your plate matches the color of the food you could end up eating more than normal.

Researchers found that people who ate off of a red plate ended up consuming more spaghetti and marinara sauce (red sauce) compared to eating it off of a white plate.

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