17 Weight Loss Hacks Without Dieting or Exercise

January 10, 2016


3. Don’t eat straight from the bag.



Mindlessly eating chips out of a bag is a guaranteed way to overindulge. Try to put whatever snack food you’re going to have into a container where it is easily visible.

If you want to go the extra weight loss mile, try dividing up your snack into individually portioned bags. You can even do this ahead of time to make sure your portions are consistent.

Seeing what you’re about to eat helps you realize what is an acceptable size for a snack and prevents excess calorie consumption before you realize you’re full.

4. Keep junk food hidden.


An experiment conducted by the Journal of Obesity found that people ate less candy from a bowl when it was opaque or covered in comparison with a glass, uncovered bowl.

How do you use this to help your weight loss goals? Keep junk food behind healthy food in the pantry or put it on a higher, harder to reach shelf.

That way you will only eat it when you really want a treat.

5. Make healthy food easy to find.


The candy bowl study found that people tend to eat food that’s easily visible. You can use this same principle to help yourself eat more of the right food (healthy food).

Set up your refrigerator like a mullet: Business in the front, party in the back. Keep the healthy food in plain sight and push the junk food to the back.

A similar study found that when given the choice between a healthy food and unhealthy food, people ate more of whatever was closer to them… not what was considered “tastier”.

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