How Black Pepper Saved Me a Trip to the ER


A few days ago I badly cut my finger while chopping carrots and tried all of the first aid tricks I knew: applying pressure, cold compress (ice), and a bandaid, however that didn’t stop the bleeding.

I considered heading to the ER for stitches but as soon as I walk through the hospital doors I have to pay a hefty $500 fee with my current insurance plan.

I’d pay that kind of money for a real emergency, but a cut on my thumb? No thanks! I googled “home remedies bleeding” and found some really wild stuff.

I used sugar, diluted bleach, vinegar… none of them worked. Then I found an article about using ground black pepper to pack a wound. It sounded absolutely nuts but I was desperate enough to try anything at this point.


After thoroughly cleaning my wound I packed it with one teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper (regular pre-ground pepper works too).

Then I wrapped my thumb in paper towel and bound it tightly with scotch tape (masking tape was recommended but I didn’t have any on hand). After 15 minutes I removed the makeshift bandage expecting to see my thumb in a bloody mess.

This is what I found instead…



Listen… I’m not saying this should be your first choice when you get a major cut. But if you’re anything like me and find yourself in a bind, this can work in a pinch or at the very least on the way to the hospital.

After being pleasantly surprised by this one home remedy I was inspired to share some more. I e-mailed some of my friends and asked our readers to send in their favorite home remedies as well.

If you’ve thought of one that’s missing, feel free to write it in the comments section below.

So take a look here at our other favorite home remedies.

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