Decrease Your Risk Of Chronic Kidney Disease With These Easy Lifestyle Changes!

October 7, 2017



The kidneys are vital organs when it comes to filtering waste outside of the body. These two organs work together to filter up to 150 quarts of blood to make into two quarts of urine every single day, allowing excess fluid to exit the body properly.

When the kidneys fail to filter waste at normal capacity, waste buildup leads to the development of chronic kidney disease. Although kidney failure cannot be cured, there are easy, everyday lifestyle changes you can make now to prevent developing this disease.

Make these simple adjustments to keep your kidneys working well!

1. Get Your Sleep Schedule On Track


Getting a good night’s sleep directly affects your entire wellbeing—including your mind and body. Sleep deprivation prevents the body’s essential organs from functioning properly, leading to a decline in the ability of your kidneys to filter waste.

Aim to get seven to eight hours of restful sleep each night to prevent kidney damage.

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