Keep Your Ticker Ticking With The 15 Best Foods For Heart Health

September 20, 2017



Did you know that the food that you put into your body today can affect your heart health in the future?

Making smarter food choices can actually keep your heart in good shape and help prevent things like heart disease.

Whether it’s adding in yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast or snacking on berries or nuts mid-day, you’re sure to find a few items on this list that will help keep your heart happy.

1. Watermelon


This low-calorie water-based fruit is a fantastic snack option.

Not only is it high in fiber, but it’s also full of antioxidants.

“It’s a fabulous source of lycopene, which has been linked to a lower risk for heart disease and cancer.

Watermelon also supplies citrulline, which may improve the health of our blood vessels and may even have benefits for people with erectile dysfunction and diabetes,” explains cardiologist Dr. Sarah Samaan.

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