Naturally Reverse Your Type 1 Diabetes With These Everyday Lifestyle Changes!

October 2, 2017



Type 1 diabetes is a chronic medical condition, and this epidemic affects more than 30 million Americans. This type of diabetes involves the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin, which sends an individual’s blood sugar to abnormally high levels.

There are natural solutions that can ease symptoms and even reverse the condition. Make these easy lifestyle adjustments to see a major change in your type 1 diabetes!

1. Rethink Your Cooking Oil


Hydrogenated oils such as vegetable oil and canola oil are popular when it comes to cooking a variety of dishes, but these oils may be worsening your type 1 diabetes. These oils contain trans fat, which highers your level of bad cholesterol and worsens a diabetics chances of developing heart disease.

Start using oils high in monosaturated fats—such as avocado oil or almond oil—to help to reverse your type 1 diabetes diagnosis.

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