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    Depression – Is Brain Inflammation to Blame?

    ADVERTISEMENT When your body is injured or infected the natural response is for inflammation to set in. Inflammation is a helpful response that the body uses to protect the organ, bone, tissue or muscle that has been damaged or attacked in some way. The inflammation allows the body to heal. In some cases inflammation is not […] More

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    Do Soft Drinks Cause Cancer?

    ADVERTISEMENT Cola based sodas may have cancer causing properties because of the caramel coloring used to give cola’s their brown color. Of course the chemical that is used to color cola is also used in other “brown” sodas like root beer and pepper colas. The chemical used is called 4-MEI and has been listed as a […] More

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    Drink Up: Coffee Can Reduce the Risk of Melanoma

    ADVERTISEMENT The National Institutes of Health and Yale School of Public Health published their findings in the Journal of National Cancer Institute regarding their recent look at how coffee may reduce the risk of melanoma. Coffee has swung back and forth between culprit and cure for the last decade or so, but the latest news gives […] More