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    A Few Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW If you’ve missed your period while you’re sexually active, then there’s a possibility that you’re pregnant. You may be to get a missed period negative pregnancy test.Yes, yes, we all know that you’ve been using your contraceptives, but sometimes those can fail. If you have good reason to believe […] More

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    Why Light Matters

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW When it gets dark, you put the lights on and when you go outside in the day, you put your shades on, just like everybody else. Why? Because we live in a civilized society and that’s the way things are done. At night, we have all this electricity for […] More

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    Knee Joint Pain and Stretching, How Important is it?

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW The knee is a hinge joint located between the thighbone and shinbone and therefore depends heavily upon the ankle and hip joints functioning correctly. The human body is interconnected in such a way that if one part fails to work correctly, it will put higher pressure on other parts, […] More

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    Why Is HIIT Better Than Cardio For Slimming Down?

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW There are many different ways to exercise. While some enjoy a walk through a local park, others enjoy the fast paced action of a team sport or time spent in the gym. Regardless of what approach you take to exercise, you will be doing your body a lot of […] More

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    Simple Tips To Heal Angular Cheilitis naturally

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW Angular cheilitis is also known by many names. It is also called as perleche, angular stomatitis, or angular cheilosis. Angular Cheilitis is fungal or bacterial infection that causes inflammatory lesions the corners of the mouth. Angular Cheilitis is a chronic condition and affects all ages. These lesions can be […] More

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    15 Tips To Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

    ADVERTISEMENT According to the World Health Organization, over 8 million people died from cancer related complications in 2012 and millions of new cases are being reported each year. Poor lifestyle choices are significant contributors to increased cancer risk and many people don’t even realize that these choices are bad for them. New research has surfaced […] More

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    Bought Milk? You Could Be Entitled To a $70 Settlement

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW If you’ve purchased milk or any other dairy products since 2003, you may be eligible to receive $70. Sound too good to be true? Why is this happening? Don’t worry, we’ll spare all the bull and get straight to the point… What the cottage cheese is going on here? […] More

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    The Most Amazing Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Revealed

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW Even though celebrities spend much of their time in the spotlight living the “beautiful life”, many of them still have weight issues just like the rest of us ordinary folk. They turn to fad dieting, new fitness trends, and even juice cleanses to lose weight quickly. There are exceptions […] More

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    Before She Dances Like a Star Actress Marilu Henner Relies on Healthy Living and Youngevity

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW Actress, producer, New York Times bestselling author, and health and wellness advocate Marilu Henner is the one to beat in this season’s Dancing with the Stars (ABC Television). As a Celebrity Ambassador for Youngevity, a California-based nutritional and lifestyle products company, Marilu exemplifies what it means to live younger, longer. She […] More

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    How Your Mindset Affects Your Weight Loss Goal

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW It all starts in the head, your whole life is determined by what goes on in your head, if your head is right, then it means your life will be right and vice versa It’s a simple case of the subconscious rules over your life, a perfect example of […] More

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