The Most Amazing Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations Revealed

Even though celebrities spend much of their time in the spotlight living the “beautiful life”, many of them still have weight issues just like the rest of us ordinary folk.

They turn to fad dieting, new fitness trends, and even juice cleanses to lose weight quickly.

There are exceptions to the rule of course… and more than ever we have plus size actors and actresses taking leading roles on the silver screen.

However most celebs need to stay slim in order to prolong their careers. Women tend to be under the most pressure, with tabloids eager to snap unflattering photos just to sell more magazines.

So which celebrities have undergone the biggest transformations? And how did they do it?

Ranging from strict weight loss regimens to simple lifestyle changes, we’re revealing 50 celebrity weight loss secrets that the stars have used to shed stubborn belly fat.

Let’s start with the host of America’s favorite pricing game. Click “Next” below to continue…

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