Cool Contour Wraps – For Knee, Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Foot and Ankle Pain


Doctor recommended drug-free solution for chronic pain.

I am one of millions of people suffering from osteoarthritis, and when it came on suddenly in my right knee about six months ago, it made my life a nightmare. I’m only 26, so this was an awful development.  Walking hurt, and I found myself resting it with ice pack after ice pack to no avail. I was constantly stiff and any movements caused tremendous pain. Even sleeping was difficult; no matter how I tried to prop up my knee, it would get stiff within an hour or two, and the pain would begin as soon as I moved the slightest bit.   Needless to say, the pain impacted my ability to do everything; from hiking to going to a concert, and even my honeymoon.

I knew that staying active was a key to pain relief and reduction of inflammation, and keeping off my knee was not making things any better for me.  My joint got more and more stiff and immobile.  In order for me to stay active and keep the pain at bay without numbing it with ice, I decided to try something new.   My Cool Contour Knee Wrap has helped me a lot; its a different type of product that is cool but not ice cold, and I wear it almost non-stop.

This product cools when moistened, and provides a relieving effect throughout the day.  Unlike ice packs, it provides cool, consistent comfort that doesn’t make my skin uncomfortable or make me feel numb. The cooling effect does wonders for my pain level throughout the day, and since it can be worn under pants, it allows me to experience topical pain relief.  It noticeably reduced inflammation within the first days and weeks of use.  The design is great so I can keep moving without having to adjust it.

My knee wrap has become my companion; accompanying my on weekend trips, long walks, and just days running errands. I keep it in the refrigerator when I’m not wearing it, and it remains clean and fresh with minimal effort. My favorite thing about this wrap is that it is comfortable and finally allows me to sleep! The worst part about my knee issue was the fact that it interrupted my sleep and I was groggy all the time. This keeps my knee comfortable while I sleep, and my pain is less when I wake up.

While there is no such thing as a miracle product, this has been the next best thing for me.  With continued use and consistent exercise, I’ve reduced my joint pain and I no longer feel as though I need to keep getting cortisone shots in my knee.  My Cool Contour Knee Wrap has helped me to go from nearly immobile and miserable to active and nearly pain free. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to reduce pain and inflammation, this is so worth it!

– Stacey R., Raleigh, NC

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