Before She Dances Like a Star Actress Marilu Henner Relies on Healthy Living and Youngevity


Actress, producer, New York Times bestselling author, and health and wellness advocate Marilu Henner is the one to beat in this season’s Dancing with the Stars (ABC Television). As a Celebrity Ambassador for Youngevity, a California-based nutritional and lifestyle products company, Marilu exemplifies what it means to live younger, longer. She has always been passionate about helping others live a long, healthy life and, having a highly superior autobiographical memory.

Before she starts her day of rigorous rehearsals, Marilu relies on the Youngevity line of products that enhance strength and energy. “Youngevity’s high quality health and wellness products are in sync with what I believe to be the foundation of a long and healthy life,” says the actress.

With the energy of a teenager, the wisdom of a sage, and the memory of a super hero, Marilu has deservedly earned the nickname “Perpetual Motion.” Along with starring in over thirty films, six Broadway shows, and two hit classic sitcoms, Taxi and Evening Shade, this five-time Golden Globe Nominee is also a New York Times Best Selling author of nine books on health, parenting, memory, and lifestyle improvement. The most popular, Total Health Makeover, lead Henner to the formation of her own total health makeover website ( dedicated to teaching others how to live healthier, more active lifestyles by not only providing valuable information and support, but also through live chats and online classes and counseling.

Marilu has spoken before Congress on six occasions on various subjects from dietary supplements and women’s cardiovascular disease to deadbeat parents. In the Spring of 2010, she faced Congress again to present healthy dietary guidelines for kids as part of the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act of 2010. Marilu frequently lectures throughout the country as a keynote speaker and motivator for professional organizations, universities, government agencies, interest groups, and corporations on topics including diet and fitness, memory, women’s health issues, cardiovascular disease, cancer survival, and child rearing; as well as lifestyle, entertainment, and business organization strategies.

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