A Few Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


If you’ve missed your period while you’re sexually active, then there’s a possibility that you’re pregnant. You may be to get a missed period negative pregnancy test.Yes, yes, we all know that you’ve been using your contraceptives, but sometimes those can fail. If you have good reason to believe that you’re pregnant, here are a few symptoms you should watch out for:

1) A sudden dislike for certain kinds of food

If you suddenly start feeling an aversion to certain kinds of foods, there’s a possibility that you might be pregnant. Women have reported that when they were newly pregnant, food that they once loved made them gag. Even the mere smell of certain kinds of food made them nauseous. Some people believe that this gag reaction develops from the sudden increase of estrogen that floods the system when you’re pregnant.

2) The need to pee frequently

During pregnancy, your hormones begin to get all jumbled up. You may experience mood swings, sudden bouts of hunger followed by nausea, and, most importantly, the need to pee a lot. A whole lot. Due to your new hormonal imbalance, the rate of blood that flows through your kidneys begins to increase. This results in more bathroom breaks. And don’t fool yourself into thinking that things are going to get better. As you continue further along with your pregnancy, your growing baby will continue to apply pressure onto your bladder. This means that your need to pee will increase the further along that you are.

3) Fatigue

If you’re suddenly feeling exhausted for absolutely no reason, then that might be a cause for concern. Rising levels of progesterone may be the cause of your fatigue. Progesterone is a hormone found in women during pregnancy. Many women don’t regard fatigue as a sign of being pregnant. However, they’re the same ones who tend to be blindsided by a surprise diagnosis later on down the road.

4) Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the most common symptom that most people associate with being pregnant (due to mainstream media). Unfortunately, morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the morning. Bouts of nausea can hit women morning, noon, and night. It leaves women feeling horrible as their physical strength is sapped away. It also drains them emotionally because they never know when the next bout of nausea will hit them. Morning sickness can vary from person to person. Some women don’t experience nausea until they’re a couple of months in. Others may feel it right away. For those of you who have felt the hope drain from their bones from reading this, just know that most women report feeling relief from morning sickness around the second trimester.

These are just a few symptoms you should keep your eye out for if you think you might be pregnant. The ultimate proof is just to get a pregnancy test. That’ll take away the guesswork and paranoia. Get tested and then plan accordingly.

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