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    10 Habits That Cause Rapid Aging

    ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT – ARTICLE CONTINUES BELOW Aging is simply something we are all destined to do but there are some habits that can contribute to rapid aging. Avoiding certain habits and developing other good habits can help to face aging head on. There are several things that we know that contribute to rapid aging: Smoking, eating […] More

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    How Slowing The Aging Process Might Be Possible

    ADVERTISEMENT Scientists across the world have been working on ways to stop or slow the aging process. Some ambitious projects have also tried to find out ways to reverse the aging process. While reversing the aging process may be only within the realm of imagination, slowing the aging process might be possible. A recent study […] More

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    3 Quick Ways To Get Rid of Acne Scarring

    ADVERTISEMENT Having healthy, glowing and vibrant skin is what most people desire. Pesky blemishes and acne can really distract from the natural beauty of your skin. Once you get rid of acne, unsightly acne scarring can be left behind as a reminder of your battle with skin issues. Acne scarring is caused by inflammation that results […] More

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    Social Media May Negatively Impact Well Being

    ADVERTISEMENT Social media is used by 1 in 4 people around the world. The very first email was sent in the early 1970’s, and nobody back then expected how the internet and eventually social media would take hold the way it has. There are some indications according to Medical News Today and other publications that […] More

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    How Reading Boosts Brain Power

    ADVERTISEMENT Reading a novel can change your brain for the better. Researchers at Emory University have found that reading a novel can affect your brain positively. A good read can change your mind. Specifically, the researchers at Emory wanted to see if there was measurable changes. 21 undergraduate student volunteers were recruited for the study […] More

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    Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery

    ADVERTISEMENT You can easily improve the way you look and look younger and reverse aging by making simple changes in your lifestyle. There are many things that you can change about the way you do things that will help you to look younger and reverse aging. Don’t wait any longer, here are 5 things you […] More