Alcohol and Drug Rehab: Former Child Stars Who Faced Addiction


Arrests, DUIs, drug addiction, alcoholism, and rehab have all become synonymous with the names of our favorite former child stars as they’ve grown up.

From tween pop queen Miley Cyrus to Disney starlet Lindsay Lohan, more and more celebrities are checking themselves into rehab facilities.

So let’s take a look at the list of former child stars who have struggled with addiction.

1. Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan has been to rehab a shocking 6 times in only 7 years. She voluntarily checked herself in for her first time in 2006, but wasn’t able to kick her bad habits.

Just months later she was arrested for a DUI and entered yet another rehab facility. This time it was court ordered and lasted 45 days.

Several weeks after leaving rehab in July 2007, Lohan was once again arrested for a DUI and possession of cocaine after allegedly, “chasing and trying to run down another car.”

On August 23rd, her attorney managed to plea down her criminal charges to a three month rehab stint in Utah.

In 2010, after three clean years, Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail and a subsequent 90 days in rehab after violating her terms of probation.

After serving only 14 days in jail, Lohan secured an early release and immediately went in for rehab at the UCLA Medical Center.

Despite all of her former attempts to get sober, Lohan failed a mandatory drug test less than a month later. She spent the night in jail and was sentenced to yet another rehab stint at the Betty Ford Center from September 2010-January 2011.

In March 2013 Lohan was charged with two misdemeanors stemming from an accident in June 2012. As a part of a plea deal, she checked into the Betty Ford Center again for 90 days. This marked her sixth rehab stay in seven years.

Since leaving rehab with a clean bill of health, Lindsay has managed to keep her addiction in control for the time being.

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