How Eating Breakfast Can Beat Belly Fat

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Most dieticians and nutritionists agree that breakfast is more important than lunch. It is acceptable to skip lunch if you have a large healthy breakfast.

Now, there are contrarian views pertaining to the impact of breakfast on weight loss. Many experts agree that a healthy breakfast will help your weight loss goals. These experts do not recommend skipping breakfast come what may. But the contrarian view states that breakfast doesn’t have a consequential impact on weight gain or weight loss.

Let us study both the viewpoints and substantiate the reality.

Skipping breakfast is unhealthy due to a few factual reasons. After six or eight hours of sleep and considering that a person would have dinner a couple hours before going to bed, the human body is void of available calories at the time of waking up.

Depriving it of a healthy breakfast or any breakfast at all would lead to fasting and that would lead a person to binge eat. Skipping breakfast would not just make a person more susceptible to eat larger portions of meals during lunch or throughout the day but one would also feel the urge to eat unhealthy foods. Craving is the number one reason for eating unhealthy foods and that craving is encouraged if one skips breakfast.

Having a breakfast kick starts the metabolism that gets you going for the day. There would be fewer urges to eat and going through the rigors of the day will use up the calories consumed during the breakfast and subsequent meals. Skipping breakfast doesn’t provide the calories needed for the daytime work and then gorging on food later in the day would end up in the piling of calories, which then doesn’t get used up due to physical inactivity.

The bottom line, according to this viewpoint, is that skipping breakfast would lead to weight gain or would certainly not help with weight loss.

The contrarian viewpoint states that skipping breakfast can compel the body to use up the calories piled up as fat in the human body. This is actually good for weight loss as burning fat would lead to the most effective weight loss.

If one can avoid binge eating after having skipped breakfast, then trying to use up bodily fats to get the energy is an effective weight loss strategy.
But this viewpoint has one shortcoming. It doesn’t take into account the effect of skipping breakfast on insulin levels and bad cholesterol in the body.

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