Losing Sleep? You May Be Gaining Weight

An average adult requires about seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

Eight hours being acceptable, some people will need a tad less sleep if they aren’t too stressed physically and mentally while some people will need a bit more sleep.

How much activity you indulge in and how stressed out you are will directly affect your sleep requirements.

Unfortunately, a staggering majority of people do not get enough sleep through the weekdays. Many people get only five hours of sleep which is extremely unhealthy.

Lack of sleep has far reaching consequences.

It can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems including heart attacks and heart failure, it will increase your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, there is a heightened chance of stroke and one would be more vulnerable to diabetes.

These are long term impacts of sleep deprivation. In the very short term, lack of sleep will prevent weight loss. In other words, you would gain weight.

Here’s what lack of sleep does to your mind and body. You would wake up with a stressed out body and fatigued mind. You would need some sort of a kick to get going.

Most people resort to a large latte or something similarly unhealthy to get their mornings started.

Immediately you have consumed some substantial calories that have little or no nutritional value whatsoever. With insufficient sleep you would be tired and you would skip all the exercises.

You may not feel like cooking or walking that extra mile to get a healthy meal.

You would gorge on anything that you come by and more often than frequent you would end up gorging on chips, snacks, donuts and the likes.

All these comfort foods help when you are groggy and sluggish. Also, you are unable to make the right choices of food and in other departments when you are deprived of enough sleep.

Lack of enough sleep affects the frontal lobe in the brain which makes decision making harder and you would have weakened control over your impulses.

Lack of sufficient sleep also prevents weight loss by lowering the natural metabolic rate and you would also experience hormonal imbalance.

Neither of the two are good news if you wish to lose weight.

Sleep is also necessary for a diet and exercise to have its optimum impact. Without allowing the body to recuperate and restart, no diet or exercise would have the desired effect.


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