New Research Shows Green Tea May Help With Weight Loss

Green tea has become extremely popular in recent years.

One reason for its popularity is the fact that it contains very little caffeine, as compared to coffee.

The adverse effects of caffeine have been discussed widely and major journals have covered featured stories of how badly it can affect your health.

Thus, it was only obvious for people to look for alternatives and green tea emerged as the popular beverage that doesn’t have the evil caffeine.

But what made green tea especially popular was its perceived impact on weight loss.
Green tea has been marketed as a weight loss product. Conventional knowledge and presumptions had lead to such marketing but now it has been proven that green tea can actually help your weight loss goals. Finally, there is a study that showcases how green tea can help improve performance and contribute to weight loss.

The study is limited in its scope and a larger scale case study is desirable but the scientific substantiation of the erstwhile belief is certainly encouraging.

In a research conducted by Dr Justin Roberts at Anglia Ruskin University, 14 people were studied to understand the impact of consuming decaffeinated green tea extract. 7 people were given the green tea capsules and the other 7 people were given placebos.

The results of the case study can be found in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

The 14 volunteers were given the capsules and placebos over a period of four weeks and they were monitored while cycling for an hour three times each week. The 7 people who were given green tea capsules recorded a 1.63% of reduction in their body fat. They also recorded an increase of fat oxidation rates by as much as 25%. Their performance while cycling also increased by 10.9% and the distance covered increased from 20.2 km to about 22.4 km.

The findings are in line with existing claims that the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) in green tea can actually facilitate weight loss by increasing metabolism and by assisting in the oxidation of bodily fats. The fats in the human body have to be broken down first and must be released into the bloodstream before they can be burned.

The breaking down of fat is the most difficult part because burning them is only a matter of exercising.

By facilitating the breaking down of fats, green tea really does a wonder and becomes a major factor in weight loss strategies.

However, the study also found that the amount of green tea needed for such weight loss would be equivalent to more than six cups a day.

Used in the study were 571 mg green tea capsules that offered a daily dose of 400 mg EGCG.


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