Why Exercise And Diet May Not Lead to Weight Loss

It is well known that a combination of exercise and diet is quintessential to weight loss.

Exercise alone is not sufficient for weight loss unless one restricts the diet or calorie intake.

Diet alone is also insufficient unless one burns the body fat and thus use up more calories than what is consumed every day.

This piece of information is widely known and also accepted. Most people aspiring for some weight loss would combine exercise and diet. In a normal scenario, you would be able to lose weight with thorough exercise and diet but there are times when you wouldn’t see long term results.

There are also cases where exercise and diet don’t lead to weight loss. Obese people are unlikely to have long term benefits of weight loss strategies that only take into account exercise and diet. The practice is based on the concept of supply and demand, of calories, and doesn’t factor in the reality of fat loss defense mechanism that humans are biologically capable of.

Fat loss defense mechanism is a result of human evolution. There was a time, for the largest part of our history, when humans did not have sufficient food to eat. Till the modernization of agriculture, ala irrigation, and efficient distribution networks, most people did not have sufficient food.

Starving was not uncommon and feeding on only certain types of foods that were locally available was the norm. This had an impact on the evolution of our bodies wherein we are programmed to resist weight loss after a stage. As you continue to lose weight, there would be a time when the body will have to shed the last bit of fat or be bereaved of all fat. It is at this stage that the fat loss defense mechanism is triggered. This prevents the body from losing any further fat.

No matter how much you diet or how hard you exercise, you would continue to burn up your consumed calories and you may even lose healthy mass from muscles but you will not be able to shed the ounces of fat being stored rigidly by the body.

This defense mechanism is more of a survival strategy so the human body can use the fat as an energy source should the body be deprived of food.

This is the reason why most obese people don’t experience significant weight loss and why the lost weight is quickly gained back the moment the diet or exercise regimen is relaxed.

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